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The Process

Image by Kelly Sikkema

The process I use to produce my art is relatively simple and straight forward.
First, I select an item and photograph it from different angles. After studying the photographs, I try to draw it as I see the structure or the natural landscape feature. 

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Let me add that pen and ink drawings are very unforgiving. Vision, sight lines, my life experience and perspective are just some of the things that go into the beginning of my drawing. Most of my drawings are a conglomeration of normally 4 to 6 drawings that together bring the history to life. This cannot be done with a single photograph or drawing.

And while programs such as Photoshop allow one to stitch numerous photos together, I prefer to do it in my head.

Ink Pen

Once the finished picture has been formulated in my head, I sit down with my pens and ink and draw what I hope will be a finished product that conveys everything I wanted it to.

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